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Join us to learn how to put Your Best Self forward at home, at work, and in your relationships.

This course is for you, if you want to...

Start your day more smoothly

Feel less stressed or overwhelmed

Be more calm and alert

Think more clearly

Be more productive

Wind down to be able to more fully rest

Focus better (with family, while video conferencing, or working from home)

Shift your energy level up or down, as needed, throughout your day

Get along better in personal or work relationships that feel tricky or out of sync

Small changes in your day
create powerful results.

Do you want to bring your best self to your family and relationships?
Do you want to have your day flow with more ease and have a better sense of well-being?
Would you like to feel less stressed or overwhelmed?
Would you like to be more focused to do what you need to do (while working at your job or caring for your family)?

Then this fun, life altering, practical, and easy online course is for you! Don't miss this new, innovative approach to self-care! We give you simple, yet, powerful ways to set yourself up for success and feeling more at ease (CEUs available for 8 contact hours).

Sherry and Mary Sue

Sherry Shellenberger and MarySue Williams

Learn a new language to describe how alert you feel.

Through Your Best Self Online Course, we give you the tools to change how alert you feel and the language to describe it. 

In our culture, we have common language for our emotions. Until now, we haven't had the words to describe our nervous system and how alert we feel. The Alert Program® provides simple phrasing to describe our levels of alertness.

We can support ourselves and each other better once we learn how to communicate our alert levels and sensory-motor preferences. With this language your life and your relationships can improve exponentially.

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Internationally recognized occupational therapists and Alert Program® founders, MarySue Williams and Sherry Shellenberger, have created this language and these tools. They have been observing, supporting, and teaching about self-regulation for decades. They have changed countless lives with the Alert Program®.

Their work has been published in occupational therapy textbooks and has been researched extensively in the United States, Canada, Australia, Ireland, England, New Zealand, and South Africa (just to name a few).

As they have taught around the world, many have asked, "Do you have resources specific to us as adults?" Well, you asked for it, you got it!

MarySue and Sherry are so proud to have created Your Best Self Online Course. Learning about your self-regulation has never been more enjoyable.

Their combination of serious science, practical suggestions and the use of laughter as a teaching tool, keeps this fun!

You can take a sneak peek and view a sample for free.

How does this course apply to me?  

In your self growth, work life, and relationships (in fact, every facet of your life),

this course can have positive and lasting effects such as...

Self Growth

"I love that I learned new tools and a new language to bring into my existing toolbox of self-care skills. I am so glad to have expanded my strategies to be my Best Self!"


"The demands and stresses of my job left me feeling worn out by my work and missing out on the rest of life! Now, I am glad that there are simple strategies that I can utilize so that I can bring my Best Self to work and have plenty of my Best Self left to enjoy the rest of life!"


"I wanted to bring my Best Self to my relationships with my family, my partner, my friends, my coworkers, and my community. This course gave me simple changes to understand and honor all of our self-regulation needs. I’m looking forward to increased harmony, respect, and compassion in my relationships."

Your best self is just a click  away.

It's simple! We will help you enhance what you are already doing...

What do you do to calm or alert yourself throughout your day? For most of us, we don’t give our daily routines a second thought, yet, we all do things to self-regulate (change how alert we feel). We all struggle to help create daily routines that work for us and our loved ones.

Do you wake up raring to go as soon as the sun comes streaming through your bedroom window?
Or, are you slow to awaken and need a cup of coffee first thing to start your day?
When you feel your energy dip in your day, what do you do?
As you go to bed, how do you get yourself ready for sleep?

To be Your Best Self, we'll help you recognize what you are already doing and show you how to enhance your routines with simple adjustments so your relationships, your work, and your whole day flows with more ease!

This course will change your experience with online learning!

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We give you engaging and practical information.

Have you taken courses and read books in the past, where there were a lot of good theories, but they were not easy to implement? You want to feel better, but applying the theories seems hard and not realistic?

You've come to the right place!
We give you the tools to enhance your day so you immediately feel more energized, productive and balanced. These are proven ways to support how alert you feel.

Our course teaches you self-regulation! What is that?
Self-regulation is that inner drive that gets you through your day, changing gears as needed. This self-help course uniquely emphasizes how to better support your nervous system, giving you the ability to bring yourself back into focus with better attention (and ease) for your important daily tasks.

Why are we so confident this course will help you?

Because the Alert Program® has been used with proven success for over three decades in 85+ countries. Since our highly regarded engine analogy has been used by countless therapists, teachers, children, and parents around the world, we created a user-friendly, new approach and language for adults just like you!

The Alert Program® is for ALL and its research-based science can be applied to everyday living so your life flows more smoothly. You'll love learning how to customize strategies that will help with life's challenges.

And you'll get 100s of practical easy-to-implement ideas you can start using today!

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Course Objectives (for CEU Level)

Upon completion, participants will be able to:

Describe their own level of alertness during their daily routine to improve their sense of well-being and productivity.

Identify their own alerting or calming strategies to help their day flow more smoothly.

Apply self-regulation awareness and knowledge of “mismatches” to better navigate and enhance personal and work relationships.

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Sherry and MarySue on the set for filming

We're excited to have you join us!

Here's how it works:

Register for this 6 hour online course.

Our video sections are no longer than 12 minutes each to support you taking breaks and trying out self-regulation strategies to stay alert for learning. No yawning here!

Once you register, you'll have immediate access.

You will receive two confirmation emails. One email you will receive is your receipt and the other email provides your log in access.

You'll have one-year unlimited access!

What does that mean? You can view and review the content with guaranteed access for one year after you registered.

Want CEUs?

Sign up for the CEU Level and have access to the post-test and Certificate of Completion (for 8 contact hours, 0.8 AOTA CEUs/10 NBCOT PDUs).

What do I need to access the course?

All it takes is high speed internet access and a viewing device of your choice: phone, tablet, or computer.

Do you offer group discounts?

Yes, gather a group of 4+ friends/colleagues and contact us to get your group and your savings started.

Do you want to get a flavor of what this course is all about? Watch the free introductory sneak peek to learn more.

Self-regulation solutions for adults made easy!

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Technical Support Available

We take pride in the fact that our tech support team doesn’t get a lot of questions from our participants! However, our friendly and knowledgeable support team is ready to assist you if you need it. We’ve included tech tips in your confirmation email along with email contact info (just in case) to make your online course easy!

additional resources

Additional Resources Included

Not only will you love the practical content in this online course, but at the bottom of each chapter, you’ll find additional resources that we know you’ll find informative and interesting. Links to extra articles and short videos on related topics are an added bonus to the already outstanding content presented in this online course!

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